Car Title Loan FAQs

Do I need to have good credit to get a loan?

No. It is only one of several factors that we look at if you apply for a loan. Bankruptcy and other forms of bad credit will not automatically disqualify you for a car title loan. If we feel that you have sufficient income to make the monthly payments and repay the loan, then there is a good chance we will be able to approve you for a loan.

How fast can I get an auto title loan?

If you qualify we can usually approve your personal loan within one hour from the time you submit the Loan Application to us (during normal business hours). When you receive loan approval you will be asked to provide a few items such as a car title, proof of insurance, and ID so that we can verify your residence, income and employment. Once you have signed the loan documents, we can fund the loan instantly by electronically transferring the money directly into your bank account or we can send you cashier’s check for the amount. The total time it will take to
complete the loan process from application to funding depends on how long it takes you to get everything to us. If you send us the items we need to process the loan immediately after you receive loan approval, the entire loan process can be completed in just a few hours.

I am concerned about the personal information I give you; will this information be kept safe?

Yes it will! We are concerned about your personal information as well, and we are deeply committed to protecting it. We go to great lengths to secure your personal information by securing your connection to our online application and protecting our database from unauthorized users.

How much cash can I borrow?

We typically make loans to 50% of the wholesale value of the vehicle.

What factors determine how much I may borrow?

We take various factors into consideration such as the year, make, model, mileage, and condition of the vehicle. We will also consider your debt to income ration as well as your ability to epay the loan and make the monthly payments. You should apply even if you have bad credit or no job.

What if I lost my title?

That’s OK. We can still approve you for a loan even if you do not have the Title. However, it must be paid off, and you must be the registered owner of the vehicle.

What if the vehicle is not registered in my name?

If you have the title to the vehicle and it was properly signed by the previous owner, you are still eligible for a loan.